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Monday, 18 October 2010

Large things...

So this is my first post from inside Concordia... I don't have a lecture for another 1h5m so I thought I'd do some catching up.

Mainly: fun weekend was fun.

Saturday saw us (Me, Ollie, Joe, Maaak and Benoit) go to Tremblant. Which was both odd and cool. And responsible for my earliest morning since I got to Canada. (up before 10am). For people who are unaware, Tremblant is where I first learned to ski when I was 5 and I haven't been back since I was 7 (I think, possibly 6?) It was sweet to see how stuff had changed.

We went with a bunch of other random people through some not-quite-guided tour thing. Basically we sat on a coach for a bit and some chinese lady took money off us. We stopped at a lake and payed too much money to go on a boat tour around it. I say "too much" money partly because it was FRIGGIN COLD and partly because we'd already paid for the day but then she wanted more money to do other stuff. meh. So that was not as interesting as it should have been.
Anyways, after that we went to the mountain, which was equally as nippy but a lot more interesting and pretty.
Chinese lady tried to get us to pay $20 to take a cable car up to the summit but we were all "SCREW YOU! The power of youth will overcome any mountain!" So we trekked up on foot, and many a gallon of sweat was shed by all.

There were flags and stuff...

(from just up the main run into town) I lived there! (on the right)

It took about an hour to reach the very top of the hill heading up the "World cup downhill" run. So we chilled at the top for a bit and then headed over to this little look-out tower to get a look at stuff.

I don't really the the point in posting pictures of stuff like this... kinda kills the perspective.

The resort kinda grew down the hill rather than up it, which is nice because it all feels nice and new and shiny and doesn't encroach on the lifts etc. So we had a look around for a bit because there were some killer sales on ski gear and I got some pimpin googles for about $50 (which is super good for $180 goggles...)

We had planned to go to Foufounnes that night which is this sweet bar with Metal nights and $1 beer on saturday. But we got off the coach in China town so we had chinese food.. as you do. Then hit a sports bar near Mark and Benoit's place to watch Montreal beat Edmonton followed by some UFC.

It feels like I'm fully into the swing of things, finally. Probably since I started getting a decent amount of work to do.. I'm still not super keen on everything about the uni. It's cool that the classes are alot smaller than at Keele and all my courses are nice and practical and everybody is very talky with the lecturers, but something just doesn't quite sit right.. One thing i've noticed is that, in every class, there's at least one or two people who are fully behind and slightly below the lecturer, if you get my meaning.. At home we'd call it a MAJOR case of ass-kissing, but over here it's "involvement in class", which is cool, don't get me wrong! But, as Canadians will, some of them seem to take it to heart a liiittle much...

The money thing is getting annoying too. Everything you need costs money. e.g. At keele everybody has an internal email, a storage account on the Keele server, and access to all the computers on campus. At Concordia each department seems to have their own little server which we have to pay for if we want to use, but CANNOT participate in any courses in that department without doing so. I mean, fair enough if locals are paying just over $1000 to be here for a year, but I'm paying £3000 to be here (about $5000 canadian) plus their stupid compulsory insurance package and not being provided with accommodation on or near either "campus"

Anyways, I gots a class in 17 minutes.



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