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Saturday, 20 November 2010

My favourite ways to procrastinate.

Despite having 2 compositions, 3 recordings and a couple of essays to finish over the next 2 weeks I find myself yet again exploring the depths of the internet for meaningless time-wasting trivialities..

Today's search has rekindled my love for Tipper. If you don't know about Tipper then check out the following:

Thursday, 18 November 2010


So today, and this weekend I plan on having a sort-my-fucking-life-out session.

Basically I realized I have less than £300 to last me until I leave Canada... Which could be tricky.. Especially when, as soon as I get back to England, I have to lay a deposit down on a house..

So it looks like rice and water for the next couple of months.. (w00t!)..

This mainly means I won't be able to go skiing next month :(


EDIT: Also, people suggested getting a job.. which is fair. But I'm only here for one semester so I don't have a visa and can't legally earn money... WOOT.

So yeah.. 5 weeks of past and more pasta it is :)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Ok crisis over..

So it turns out somebody just took my pen drive out of the computer I left it in and moved it across the room..... found it completely by chance after checking in the security lost and found boxes in ALL THREE of Concordia's buildings as well at the IT dept. office about 3 times...


Monday, 15 November 2010


Lost my USB key today with all my work and a couple movies and some music and a bunch of super important banking and flight home info files on it and I forgot to back everything up since I switched OS and formatted my hard drive.... GAAAHHHH!!!! I'm so mad at myself!

Luckily most of my work is also stored online. But I had a super productive day today and just lost everything I did.


Pic related.... It's my life.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Broove yourself

Chill, turn your volume up and broove yourself 

Found this guy on Newgrounds whilst playing this game.

Turns out Newgrounds has some kick ass musicians. Gotta be honest I'd only really used it for games and the odd animation up until recently. But there's an awesome community and it's a good platform to get your music/artwork/animations reviewed.

Check it:

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Haven't posted any music in a while..

Here's some Deadmau5 to listen to whilst you're blogging today. It's a 10 minute song so just leave it running while you post/read :)


An age old rivalry..

The other week we found this place in china town that claims to offer "all you can eat and drink" including draft beer... So, in true student form, we decided it must be done. And it just so happened that in the same evening a French guy challenged me to a drinking contest..

So we're goin to this place tomorrow with a bunch of international students from England, France, Australia and Germany to test out this "all you can drink" claim... I'm pretty skeptical to be honest. If they live up to it then I'll be pretty impressed.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Rioting you say?

Read this:

If you're reading right now, then watch this:

Basically, the student protests in London, probably due to a few chavs, have turned pretty violent. Which kinda sucks. But still shows something.

Really though, there are about 50,000 students protesting in London right now against the rise in tuition fees. The only Lib Dem MP I've seen interviewed is being a typical politician by saying he opposes the policy but failing to vote against it.

Also, typical media coverage. Watching the BBC's coverage and they have a few contacts inside the Millibank Tower (where the violence is happening) who they are talking to periodically. Every single one they've spoken to has the same message: "we're all working as usual, there is no danger to us." But the typical sellout reporter in the studio is trying to push the idea that the building is under siege and nobody is getting out alive.

They had a speaker from the student body to question about the protest. He pushed the point that 99% of the protest is still peaceful and the only way it will be remembered as violent is if the media covers it in such a way. After thanking him the pictures, of course, go straight back to police fighting with protesters and the useless reporter trying to make it into an apocalyptic movie scene.

Screw the mass media. I had more faith in the BBC.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Peanut butter

Can somebody in Canada please tell my why I can't find any good Peanut Butter?

And don't give me that Kraft nonsense..

If you haven't tried this you haven't lived:

Sunday, 7 November 2010


So during my 6 cups of coffee, musical marathon last night my headphones finally gave out. Which meant that I had an excuse to sleep, but also that I needed new headphones...

In light of this I picked up a pair of these badboys today:
I was torn between these and a pair of Aerial7 Chopper2's which had a better frequency response but a slightly lower sensitivity. I'm also not familiar with Aerial7 so I decided on the old faithful Sennheiser, having had good experiences with them in the past.

They boast "high attenuation passive noise canceling", which isn't all that effective but I'm still fairly impressed with it, although it's nothing compared to a good set of high-end AudioTechnica or Bose cans, (who both had the noise canceling thing pretty well nailed) I couldn't really expect much more while still paying under $200.

Good points:
  • Nice, level frequency response with a good range of 18 - 22,000 Hz. (we can hear between 20 - 20,000) Level frequency response is good for critical listening, composition and studio work.
  • Decent passive noise canceling, but nothing to write home about. This is helped by the full ear coverage though, as opposed to smalled headphones that just kinda float on your ear and allow a lot of sound to leak in.
  • Very comfortable fit covering the whole ear with a good range of extension.
  • 3m lead which is a pretty perfect length for my room.
  • Sennheiser headphones have notoriously good engineering and will last a good few years if treated nicely.
  • Lead only hangs on one side which is handy. 
  • They don't make me look like a Skull Candy faggot.
Iffy things:
  •  Noise canceling is only passive, I can still hear the vietnamese lady next door when she gets particularly riled up.
  • The lead, while long, seems a bit flimsy. I don't really trust it being handled roughly.
  • Instead of increasing my productivity by allowing me to listen to my work they have so far lowered my work-rate by prompting me to write this post...
Now that that's out of the way, time for more coffee.


Saturday, 6 November 2010

Entering work mode.

Apologies for not posting in like 2 days. You can blame Concordia University... and Time Crisis...

Basically I have 3 compositions to get done this weekend and they're um.. not going well.
Anyways, I have coffee, soup + bagels and 750g of trail mix... So get ready for a night of procrastination-by-blogging! I'll probably upload the results when I'm finally finished so you can all tell me "dude.. that's just weird. You actually study this shit?"

See you on the other side.

(meanwhile, have some sonic gold. make sure you listen all the way through.. If you don't know Venetian Snares, you won't see it coming)

Thursday, 4 November 2010


I finally got my first thousand views :) (and at the same time, 50 followers)

If you were viewer number 1000, congratulations! You win nothing!

In b4 "my blog has like 593763567329 views and 678356 followers!"

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Ok, so the BBC posted THIS ARTICLE today. Which made me rage SO HARD.

In short, the British twat convention government has, on recommendation from a recent review by 'Lord Browne', has given A huge middle finger to everybody involved in education by abolishing the current cap on tuition fee's. Which means, starting 2010, we'll have to pay 'up to' (which means DEFINITELY) £9,000 per year to study.

£9,000! Are you fucking serious? that's almost THREE TIMES what we're paying already. That means families who have been saving for the last 18 years and can just about afford to get their kids to university, can now afford to go for ONE YEAR! ONE! That's a third of a degree.

This breaks Nick Clegg's so-called "promises" made before the election. As well as proving to us all what we already knew when Dave Cameron said THIS. Which was basically "Fuck the middle class."
Basically, the government decided that they'd rather continue their campaign for the pay rise they've been gagging for over the last few years than worry about the future of the country.


Tuesday, 2 November 2010


If anybody else is a fan of Alex Day's youtube channel (nerimon), then you've probably been following his Alex Reads Twilight series. He basically updates after every chapter or two of twilight. Anyways, today he finished the book.

DON'T WORRY, I haven't been converted to twilight, all his series has done is confirm how hilariously terrible the book is.

If you haven't been following the series then give it a look, it's a good laugh. Also subscribe to the channel and watch his other shit, it's all quality programming.

Anyways here's the last couple of chapters:

I would issue a SPOILER warning but I'm sure most people don't really care what happens..

(Hands up if you get the reference in the post title)