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Saturday, 23 October 2010

More gaming...

On a similar theme to yesterday's post, I wanna talk a bit more about gaming.

This talk on TED is, I think, rather inspiring. Especially if the story about the Lydians is true.

But even if it isn't, her point is still a pretty good one. The amount of time we spend on games is pretty huge, and people have already cottoned on to advertising and marketing inside games (e.g. Second Life) as well as using the easily accessible online community to conduct social and philosophical studies. Online games are proving their usefulness beyond ther simple capacity to entertain. I've met people through games from the other side of the world and kept in contact with them even when we're not blowing eachother's heads off.

A few interesting things I've come across recently include the rising status of flash games. Sites like miniclip and newgrounds have been around for years but, for a long while, only really served as lunchtime entertainment to high-schoolers in their early teens. More recently though, sites like Kongregate have grown in popularity and the overall standard of browser games has become higher.

Possibly the most mind-blowingly addictive thing I've come across is robot unicorn attack. Which instantly became the talk of the town (the town being the internet) about a year ago.

Seriously.. Just try it.

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