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Sunday, 24 October 2010


So I finally gave up on trying to cope with vista. I've had my laptop for a good few years and, in all honesty, treated it rather recklessly.
Possibly out of spite for my attitude, it decided to contract a number of wonderfully large and persistent viruses (virii? I think I like that word better) and pretty much throw in the towel.

SO. Ever keen to try new things, I delved into the world of Linux based OS and Ubuntu. It's seemed for a few years that Ubuntu is the most popular/stable open source OS around, so I went for Ubuntu Studio as it advertised as including a bunch of media editing stuff on the iso image.


 The install went as smoothly as it could have done. I read up a bit before hand on likely problems I might encounter but nothing cropped up, which was rather nice.

Having no previous experience of running my own Linux OS, I've got to say I expected to be more confused that I am right now. The desktop it nice and shiny, a nice app menu and customizable task bars.

Not that I was expecting something out of the stone-age. I mean, I didn't expect to have to write fifty lines of code to open a .jpeg or anything. In fact, I don't really know what i was expecting... Certainly more than I'd get from a mac.. (OH NO HE DIDN'T!?)
Either way, my blood pressure is, so far, well under half of what vista put me through.

I like the whole terminal thing Ubuntu has going on. It seems to save time on searching and installing software. The interface is smaller than standard windows layout but not as annoying as a mac. Applications like the native media player "Rhythmbox", which is wicked, run nicely in the background when I close the window so they don't clogg up taskbar space.

I've yet to really sus-out the limitations in terms of software (If anybody can explain how to use JACK then PLEASE enlighten me.) I'm in pretty dire need ot some music notation program, Rosebud and Lilypond seem to be Linux's answers to that but so far they're not proving as intuitive as I'd like.

Anyways though, we'll see how it goes. Who knows.. I might just get fed up and get a crack of 7... I do love 7 though...

Is anybody out there a seasoned Linux user? If so, I'm keen to learn.


  1. You're more adventurous than I, haha

  2. Gratz, I've never liked vista. I've played around with shop computers that have it and seems buggy as hell.

  3. I never liked 7 is the best..

  4. windows 7 is the best i've ever had

  5. I'm stuck in Turkey with this fucking netbook, OS aside its like trying to work on a gameboy, dreading my first essay :(