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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Prog anybody?

This is my most listened to album of the lats year. One of my room mates at Uni last semester just kinda left the CD in my room and I proceeded to get addicted to it. These two tracks literally blew me away:

Streams was the first track I listened to all the way through on the album. It's placed brilliantly between two nicely contrasting tracks and makes the album smoothly follow the story they are trying to tell.

Celestial Elixir is the final track on the album. It brilliantly incorporates themes from the rest of the CD as well as a bunch of superbly placed musical jokes and mind numbingly awesome newly introduced riffs and melodies (it starts to settle down at about 4:00, then blew my mind at 4:55).

(part1)                              (part 2)


Anybody into the progressive rock scene is almost definitely gonna know Porcupine Tree. This band opened up my musical world a few years ago.

Listen to This Album to get an idea of what I'm talking about. In particular Sentimental.

Also, everybody knows Dream Theater. Particularly John Petrucci:

Watch that video. It's all true...

Anyways have some links.

Haken on myspace
Haken's channel
Porcupine Tree on we7


  1. Haha, I have that CD buried somewhere in my closet. I think I'll look for it and give it a listen today.

  2. very interesting post and vid...

  3. wow, they're good. the music takes you on a pretty gnarly trip, at times i felt like it was pretty moving, then again i smoked a bowl right now, and im baked HAHA.

  4. wow very nice videos :)

  5. wow, I'll have to check them out

  6. I've heard them once or twice but didn't like them that much >.<

  7. I havent hear them before, they aight