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Thursday, 11 November 2010

An age old rivalry..

The other week we found this place in china town that claims to offer "all you can eat and drink" including draft beer... So, in true student form, we decided it must be done. And it just so happened that in the same evening a French guy challenged me to a drinking contest..

So we're goin to this place tomorrow with a bunch of international students from England, France, Australia and Germany to test out this "all you can drink" claim... I'm pretty skeptical to be honest. If they live up to it then I'll be pretty impressed.


  1. yeah places to have that, I remember in Newcastle you paid like £20 to get into a club and it was all you can drink.

  2. so, did it live up to the promise? ive never really seen an all you can drink place in the states...certainly parties and events, but never a real "live store/bar/restaurant"

  3. Come to the Balkans if you want a true drinking competition people here drink any kind of alcohol like water...