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Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Ok, so the BBC posted THIS ARTICLE today. Which made me rage SO HARD.

In short, the British twat convention government has, on recommendation from a recent review by 'Lord Browne', has given A huge middle finger to everybody involved in education by abolishing the current cap on tuition fee's. Which means, starting 2010, we'll have to pay 'up to' (which means DEFINITELY) £9,000 per year to study.

£9,000! Are you fucking serious? that's almost THREE TIMES what we're paying already. That means families who have been saving for the last 18 years and can just about afford to get their kids to university, can now afford to go for ONE YEAR! ONE! That's a third of a degree.

This breaks Nick Clegg's so-called "promises" made before the election. As well as proving to us all what we already knew when Dave Cameron said THIS. Which was basically "Fuck the middle class."
Basically, the government decided that they'd rather continue their campaign for the pay rise they've been gagging for over the last few years than worry about the future of the country.


Watch this and rage with me:

All anybody talks about is "low income families". Enjoy destroying the middle class you elitist, arrogant, tory bastards.

"Let's increase the quality of education in our 'well funded' universities by not giving them any funding and driving lecturers out of their jobs."

Pay cuts and redundancies need to START with MP's and the greedy london bankers and their £7BILLION bonuses. NOT with the students who will be the future of the country OR the teachers and institutions that facilitate their education!

Education is a RIGHT, NOT a privilege.



  1. cool vid man......interesting

  2. Yeah there complete cunts, I will be effected for 2 years. which is an extra £12,000 on top of what I will already be paying.

  3. Politicians...they'll find every way to fuck you over.

  4. fuck them ! >.<
    Middle class is dieing because of pricks like him :S

  5. I like what you did with your blog.
    Followin !