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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Snow, Harry Potter and about 3 weeks..

SORRY FOR NOT POSTING IN LIKE A MONTH!!! Seriously guys, I'm uber sorry I disappeared for so long. I got lumped with all of my final projects and severe financial oblivion so my excuse is that I've been super busy.. I SHOULD be all finished by the end of next week though. So I'll hopefully get things up and running again pretty soon.

But now that I get here it's suddenly difficult to think of anything to write...

Anyways I'll try to make this post readable.. After the break:

First of all, hit play:

Well done, now read on.

Concerning my life: I saw Harry Potter a while ago. I guess most of you have seen it by now so a detailed review would just be pointless. In short, I'm glad I saw it, it was a fun movie. It finished a bit too soon and I think they rushed the story along EVEN MORE than previously. Also, the bit with the dancing... seriously? Oh dear.

Don't worry though, the new TRON is on the horizon..

+ It FINALLY snowed properly here in Montreal. After being teased by everybody back in England at how they have tons of snow and we had nothing, the gods decided to dump almost two feet on us over the course of Monday. Which is cool. Because I like snow.

It's weird to think that in two weeks from today I'll be going home.. This term has gone super fast. The main concern now is finding somewhere to live when I get back to Keele... Which isn't looking promising I must say.

Finally, I'll be taking suggestions on how to survive until January on £72... (w00t)


  1. Buy an acoustic guitar, learn how to play Lady Gaga songs on it, busk outside of sororities and make bank.

  2. awesome song. Snow finally melted mostly here. Still colder then all hell tho

  3. Well, you could still write a review of Harry Potter, if most people have seen it, still wouldn't mind hearing what you thought of it. I too find it hard to write on a regular basis... Hopefully, we can get into a rhythm and it will be easier.