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Friday, 13 August 2010

Pre-going stuff.

Righty-ho then. Just a brief starter to get things rolling and start to fill out the page before anything actually interesting happens.

So I leave tomorrow with the other Keele people (Jade, Joe, Ollie and no Alex because he got ROYALLY screwed over by Concordia.. the bastards.) after staying with my wonderful Lawrence tonight in LANDAN.

Packing began at 5:00pm yesterday and ended at midnight, sometime in between there I found some travel insurance too (last minute etc.). Money is still a rather huge issue, in that I HAVE NONE!
Also it seems that my idea of 4 months worth of stuff equates to slightly less than Lawrence's (or in fact my) 1 festival worth of stuff... Ooh I also got a nice shiny new camera today to take lots of pretty pictures :)

That's about enough to make my page look tended to.... for now. Time for pizza and playstation.

Oh yeah, I also am only registered for 1 of 4 courses and still have nowhere to live. Winner.


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