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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Day 1 (2)

Ok, so. First (full) day.

We got here yesterday around 8 and taxi'd to our hostel (on Rue Mackay) which is run by "agent 007" and "The Cowboy" (who are awesome). First night consisted of a first Canadian beer at some bar called Thursdays which we found out today from a tour book "gets more people laid than craigslist".... hmmmm....

The hostel is cool, beds are nice, me Ollie and Joe are in a mixed dorm with handy lockers and a tree in a bath and Jade got dumped in a girls' dorm downstairs. Some aussie dude just moved into our room today and, in true long-haired dreadlocked australian style, he is awesome.

(Obligatory photo of room)

(our hella pimped out bathtub)

Had a decent look around town today and Montreal is awesome. We started in some mall that NEVER ENDS (seriously, we walked for like half an hour and didn't find the end.) and somehow after aiming for the Latin Quarter ended up in Montreal's gay town... unless that's just what the Latin Quarter is like? Either way, it was pretty gay.
For the "this city in nice" perspective: Montreal is awesome. We decided it's basically as if somebody took about 4 different cities and shuffled them all together. You can walk two blocks and see old school stone churches next to 50 story modern office buildings next to some tiny little gothic style house. It all goes from feeling really huge and overwhelming one minute, to being quaint and welcoming just around the corner. I definitely feel more like a stranger here than in BC, maybe due to the french, but as it turns out Ollie is fluent which is super useful. We also found our first food court, something I've missed in England.
I also found a couple Jazz clubs which WILL be hit up at some point, one has awesome stuff going on from september until April, with stuff like the Gotan Project and Pat Metheny.

Also! Mountain Dew, 10 different flavours of Rockstar, 20 different energy drinks, Pizza Pockets, HUGE cans of EVERYTHING, Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, Kraft, Milk in bags, silly plug sockets, Pedestrians have right of way and DRIVERS REALIZE THIS, TIM HORTONS, eh!

+ Rather a lack of pictures today as the other ones I took are rather useless but I'll get them up either on here or facebook at some stage.

Kinda lame post but it's only one day right?



  1. wait till you experience pizza pizza. also, pedestrian right of way... awesome.

  2. dude, gotan project was in naples on 28 luglia, I'm in Naples on 27th, and was kinda hoping luglia translated to August, it doesn't, it was July :(