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Sunday, 31 October 2010


Anybody here a fan of MaxMSP? Well if you are then you're STUPID. Seriously, it's the most unintuitive, buggy, over-hyped, elitist, broken program ever to dirty the screen of a computer.

For anybody who is unfamiliar with MaxMSP I'll attempt to sum it up:

But seriously though. Why waste 5 minutes of your life importing audio and setting automation in one of the readily available pieces of audio editing software, like ProTools or Cubase, when you could just spend as little as 20 solid hours trying to figure out how to do it in MSP? All you have to do after that is spend another couple of hours fixing the bugs inherent bugs in the MSP programming and cleaning up the "presentation view" without forgetting what all of the identical, stupidly awkward, buttons and sliders are connected to. And then you have your perfect daw (digital-audio workstation.)


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So here is my lowdown of the currently most popular music and audio production software:

  • ProTools -  ProTools is the kid at school who both knuckles down to work and somehow makes a lot of friends along the way. Although he mainly gets top grades in academic subjects. 
  •  Logic - Gets similar grades to ProTools, still wears Velcro shoes. Enjoys painting with bright colours. 
  • Cubase - The quiet metal fan in the corner of the class who does well but keeps to himself and doesn't attract much attention in class.
  • Reason - The kid who gets good grades by asking the teacher questions and showing all of his workings out on test papers.
  •  MaxMSP - The fucking Hipster drop-out who only gets good grades when the other programs kids, lend him their VTS's notes right before class.  
 Ok, so maybe I'm being a bit harsh.

If you're an MSP wizard, then please, please explain to me how the fuck I'm supposed to write automation to a buffered audio file...
I mean, I could easily just open up something as mundane as Audacity and have it done in 5 minutes. But noooooooo! My Lecturer (who apparently helped write Max and MSP in the first place) wants us to forgo the ease of industry standard software and make our own patch after spending the last 6 weeks teaching us IRRELEVANT techniques....

Goddamn I need a beer.

pic related, it's what my rage could do to a planet right now. 

EDIT: In light of the first comment (by copyboy), I should probably make something constructive out of this.

If you're looking for some audio editing software then there are sooo many daw's to chose from. It all depends on budget.

Your best bet is probably Audacity. While not able to handle MIDI this is a very capable FREE program to edit audio files.

While ProTools is the best around at the moment it is also EXPENSIVE and pretty much impossible to get a cracked copy as you need digidesign hardware connected to run it.

If you look really hard then you could probably dig up a Cubase crack somewhere, but it is notoriously difficult to find a copy that can get by their validation keys. (You usually need a USB stick with your Cubase license attached to your pc.)

Reason is easy to come by but can only handle MIDI. Apart from the THOR synth and a few of the samplers in Reason 8, which is awesome but takes a bit of working out to use it's full potential.

So really I'd go for Audacity. Unless you're sure you want to get a stable copy of a better piece of software. In which case I'd suggest Cubase. It's what I use and you can pick up Cubase 5 with a student discount for £250. Which is very reasonable for this kind of software.


  1. Cool. Actually have a need for something like this for a project I'm working on. Thanks for the APS list!!!

  2. haha, sounds like you could use a few beers.

  3. The new Reason does audio now as well, its in the Reason Record Duo package, might want to check it out ;)

  4. never heard of that one..

  5. All I use is fl,Reaktor, and ablteton. Fl for the piano layout, Reaktor for the unique sounds, and Ableton for the audio compatibility and sync-age :p.

  6. @nyuu: me neither ...

  7. Lol, interesting post. I'm not a fan of Reason... I used to like Sybalius... but not so much anymore.

  8. nice post :) keep em coming :)

  9. nice post dude , keep the good blog going :)