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Saturday, 30 October 2010


So today was a pretty chilled day. I went up to Mont Royal with Mark and we found this sweet poutine restaurant. Seriously, they had like 30 different poutines.. And I'm not generally a fan of poutine but even I was impressed. Also I picked up some gloves and a hat in preparation for winter.

(pic related, apparently this is what Elvis would have ordered...)

Tonight was also pretty fun. It involved us Brits and Mark (the Australian) going to a Mexican restaurant with a few Frenchies, then getting some beers at one of said French people's apartment.

ALSO! We got the first snow of the season in Montreal. Just before we went to the Mexican place it started to snow lightly but it picked up a bit as the night went on. It's started to get cooold too. Which means soon i'm gonna have to be wearing ski socks and pj's under my trousers... (which I'm actually looking forward to because it's soooo comfy.) See the picture to see what snow looks like.

(snow.. this is what it looks like)

Tomorrow is looking like boot-purchasing day. I could do with a good pair of moon boots. Although it will mainly be Post Modern String Quartet writing day since I need to get one written before tuesday and I've had so many issues with Sibelius and Ubuntu that I haven't started yet.. But I downloaded musescore which is free (i think open source) notation software which should be fine for now..

I might upload the quartet once it's done. What are you guys' stances on post modern 'classical' music? Anybody a fan?


  1. Oh, it's a beginning xD
    Good post man, I love snow.

  2. Hot damn, I would kill for snow. Up until like this week we would still get days in the 70s.