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Monday, 11 October 2010

Omnom pumpkin nomnomnom

So we found this SWEET bar called Foufounnes which has metal nights on saturdays with $1 beers :) woopah.

Also, it was thanksgiving today and apparently some people over here actually care about that so we got a day off lectures which was nice. Another food making evening with everybody was also cool and Joe made a s-weeet pumpkin pie and much Robot Unicorn Attack and Canabalt was enjoyed by all... well, by me Ollie and Joe at least...

Also, who invented the .xps file extention? And why were they allowed to live? This is something that baffles me.

Watch Ken Robinson: here

Hugo should be coming to see me this week :) no idea where he's gonna sleep though... i might have to  give him my bed and brave the couch myself :/

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