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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Oh wow

So that's been more than a whole month has it? unexpected.

I've started and stopped this post about five times now so I'll try to keep it brief so I actually post it and then fill in with a couple more over the next few days..

Shall we find out what's been happening?

In brief:

I managed to finally sort out my courses, so now I'm taking a recording module, two computer audio courses and music composition. Winner.

It turns out Kung Fu Hustle lady is actually Vietnamese. And maybe moving out at the end of the month... Which would be very desirable... And hopefully less pungent. I've decided that she makes a particularly foul smelling meal every 3 or 4 days which I am countering with much burning of incense and making of nice foods.

waaaaaay back in september, we saw the following:

Some far out chairs,

This I didn't go see... much to my eternal regret,

Many dead people,

This lake, it was most tranquil,

Some savory buildings with wacked out lights...

And slightly more recently:

Many a bicycle,


This is what I look like when I watch FOOTBALL!
But seriously though, FOOTBALL... Not all that exciting.. The atmosphere was cool, we're expecting a better representation from the Concordia crowd as the season continues.. well we're hoping for one.
I still have yet to observe the Concordia Rugby team as I don't think they've had any games as yet.

Sooooo what's left? uuurm, oh yeah student loan came through the other day and almost brought me out of my overdraft before being immediately set upon the that most insatiable of financial assailants: The Rent. Also, Concordia made us pay for some health insurance deal which is apparently ESSENTIAL if you want to study in Quebec, but is also STUPID to make international students pay it because we inevitably all have health/travel insurance before we even get here don't we?
Silly Canadians, that's a student's bank account, money doesn't come from there, leave it alone.

The weather has started getting colder ever so slowly. We're at the English phase now. This week it rained for three or four days SOLIDLY. And I managed to leave my towel and gym stuff outside after washing it... like a genius.

I'm sure I'll think of some more stuff to ramble on about soon enough. Thanksgiving is coming up next week so the uni is having some sort of do for us foreigners which should be interesting.. well there's gonna be free food at least.

Right now, however, it is 12:37am and I need my internet chess + youtube fix for the night.


(Joe's bum.)

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