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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Green Lantern

So as my last post was about a movie I thought I'd follow suit today.

The Green Lantern movie comes out in July this year and, from the trailer, looks.. well.. fun. I recently got into the Green Lantern comics and for the last couple of months I've had my head buried in any kind of Green Lantern mythos and stories I can get my hands on. (I've yet to get hold of the Blackest Night series, to my continuing dismay) So right now I'd consider myself fairly well brushed up on the Green Lantern corps. I'll definitely go and watch the movie buut I'm pretty sceptical about how it'll turn out. At first I thought they'd try to follow the Emerald Dawn story, as that's where Hal Jordan first encounters his ring, but it looks as though they're kind of gonna do their own thing... as so often happens with movie adaptations.

Anyways here's a trailer. Let me know what you think :)
(Also, I had to green text... just had to..)


  1. cool movie!
    Anyways, cool blog, I'll follow and support :)

  2. yeah, it's could be very good movie :) nice review :)

  3. It looks good, I'm hoping it's not too campy.

  4. To be honest it doesn't really appeal to me so far, but sure I'll give it a go if I get the chance! :)

  5. I always get this confused with the green hornet which i also want to see.