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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sooo... what did everybody think..?

I was pretty late in gettign to see this... BUT IT WAS AWESOME WASN'T IT!? When the guy was all like "FWOOOOSHH!" and the bikes were all "ZOOOM!!" then it was like "PCHING!" "FWAPPAMM!" "BSHOOOM!!" You know!? Right!?


But seriously though, read the full post:

I frickin LOVED this movie. Pretty much everything about it was essentially what I look for when I go to a cinema.
The 3D was done really well and, most of all, SUBTLEY. None of this "oooh look things are flying towards us! Better duck!" The contrast set up from the 2D "real" world and the 3D "Grid" worked really well even if you saw if coming. Jeff Bridges was epicly good, as was pretty much all of the acting. The cg and effects etc. were everything you'd expect. Excellent cinematography, sets, script etc. Possibly my favourite part of the whole thing was the soundtrack (which I've been listening to non-stop for about a week now). I'm a huge Daft punk fan and every time their classic sound kicked in (always excellently placed) I felt all warm between my legs. Although I'm not sure if they wrote the orchestral stuff.. Anybody care to clarify?

So as soon as I get my hands on a dvd I'll pretty much lock myself away in my room with the curtains drawn and a box of tissues... And not just for Olivia Wilde...

Possibly one other reason I liked this so much was the fact that it's basically just a MASSIVE LINUX AD... And if youve been following me for a while then you'll know I run linux on my laptop and think it's awesome..
I wasn't sure how to feel when **MINOR SPOILER** Sam was sitting down at the table pc in his dad's office and he brought up a list of Linux terminal commands.. As soon as I told the guy next to me he facepalmed.. Also the obvious whole deal with the free/open source OS in the opening. Should I not make this public? Hmmm.. Anyways...

Have the end credits music and an awesome DP wallpaper... it's all hi-res and stuff don'cha know..



  1. i heard mixed things about it. I'll probably catch it on DVD.

  2. Haven't watched the older one and haven't watched this. Is there something wrong with me? xD