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Monday, 23 August 2010


hoookay, so a fair bit to update with today.

I found a place to live finally, which is good. my room is nice and big and the rent is super cheap ($280 per month).
The landlady is old and Chinese and really nice. The flat is pretty standard, three people living here: me, a Japanese guy who is apparently never around and some old Chinese lady (ever seen Kung Fu Hustle?) who enjoys mothballs and smoking.

So yeah the place kinda smelled a bit funky at first. Not sure if it's because I got used to it already or because I'm chain-smoking incense sticks but it seems to be pretty much fine now.
Also, for some reason my bed was propped up on top of a bunch of boxes containing fricken bricks and stone tiles... odd. So I dealt with those and now have an actually pretty comfortable mattress which still leaves a good amount of room to live in. I also sorted out some internet with a chinese guy upstairs after a rather hilarious yet disconcerting episode yesterday when I was confronted by a(nother) half naked chinese guy with a kitchen knife.. But Kung Fu Hustle lady came to the rescue and shouted at him then told me not to worry about him because he's crazy... hmmm..

The main thing though is that hopefully Joe and Ollie will be getting a flat just a few blocks away. Which would be super cool and lead to much chilling.

Other things that have happened: We went for a walk the other night over to the Latin Quater and Jade decided to take a dip in a fountain (hah).
Swimming pool

Yesterday we went up to the Plateau which is a super nice area and we decided that after we all finish uni we'll buy a house up there and become one with the squirrels... There were lots of squirrels.

Still not registered for my courses as the helpful guy seems to have dropped out of existence.
Oooh also, I need to get a duvet. Currently mine sucks.


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