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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Birthday Bloooog :)

So yesterday was my birthday and I turned twenteen.
After another fruitless attempt at finding somebody to sort out my courses and a few wasted hours sat in the hostel being confused we decided to go see some park and the weird shaped tower thing that's on all of the Montreal tourism paperwork. We took along our new French friend called Fanny.. She's lovely.

The whole funky building thing was kinda cool but ultimately we became hungry and there was very little around to eat... Also we were keen to see the Botanical Gardens and Insectarium but it was all a little bit closed so that plan failed too.
Oh also there was a weird guy on the metro platform on the way up who gave me a lot of evils and smiled at Joe and took a picture of me on his phone as the train moved off... he was also rather fat.

So we caught the metro back home and me and Joe bought a sub from some hilarious dude who sold subs and felt the need to tell us about his monthly rent for the building and why he needs to charge $9 for a large sub when he would really like to only charge $5.

Funky building
FANNY... (and Jade)

Last NIGHT however, was far more interesting :)
As it was my birthday and I was king for the day, I found us a jazz club just down the road to go to. Jade had made EVEN MORE friends by this time so we took along 'Hiroko', a Japanese girl who is also going to Concordia for a semester.

The club was pretty much everything I'd want from a jazz bar. We didn't have any food but the drinks weren't over priced and the whole atmosphere of the place was really chilled. There was a piano trio playing (keys, bass, kit) and they were fricken awesome!
I decided to follow Ron Burgundy and go for a Glenlivet (without the pepper and cheese) which me and Ollie had a couple of followed by some Guinness.. which was also not an unreasonable price.

Joe ran off and came back with some birthday cigars, thereby completing the cigar+whiskey+jazz triforce of cool. Jade got some wine giggles. Possibly the coolest part of the night was the bill... which listed five times: "1 Jazz   -   $5" and totalled $155 which, when you think about it, comes to about £20 each... which isn't so bad at all for jazz, drinks and a birthday. Well, I don't think it is...

(it was super dark so pictures are a bit blurry due to long exposure)

Can't see the piano guy but he was old... and ponytailed..
Anyways. That's that. Today I think we're gonna look around some places to live Joe found us.. And I'll probably make some more useless phone calls about my courses..


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