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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

More walking around and stuff

Dear Blog,

Today and yesterday we did walking. Yesterday we went to look at a house near Loyola (the not-down-town campus that most of my lectures will be at). The house was ok but it wasn't as they'd advertised it which we didn't really like. The position etc. was perfect for me, about a 5 minute walk to campus and on a nice little suburban street but it turned out that they only had 2 rooms available (advertised 4) and one of them was 400$ (advertised 350£) so that was a bit sketchy... Also the landlord was away on holiday somewhere so we spoke to his daughter who didn't really know what was goin on.
However, we then went for a look at the campus which is SUPER nice. It's right in the burbs so there are lots of pretty houses and streets around and most of the sporting stuff takes place there. In fact when we were there the Concordia Stingers (football team) were training just across the road.

Pretty campus main building.

Some other building that we couldn't figure out the purpose for.

We didn't go inside anywhere but found a little park-style area between the campus buildings and chilled there for a while before catching the bus (with a driver who said "Thank you") back to the metro and into town.
Also, we discovered that Jade keeps a diary but DOESN'T start her entries with "Dear Diary"! We soon remedied that and made her promise to begin her next entry properly...

We also got a bit of bureaucracy out of the way by going to see some international help person at the uni. Joe and Jade were already registered for their courses so they got all their student ID cards and stuff. I reckon I won't get mine until next week sometime due to Concordia's staff being 80% USELESS.

So, today:
Decided to go see "Old Montreal". We walked a loooong way through town and had a little look at China Town before getting to retro town.
Old Montreal is basically a few cobbled streets with some nice looking cafés and such. There was a wicked cool looking Jazz Bar with a red piano in the window, which I decided against playing, although when we walked back up the street there was some pro old dude playing some wicked jazz. Oooh another thing about this town, all of the restaurants/cafés/bars have massive window/walls which are always open so you can literally walk through the windows rather than the door. Which is pretty cool and friendly feeling.

cool piano


Old Montreal also had a few street performers and buskers around which was nice. Even including the token Peruvian guys playing panpipes...
It's also right next to the harbour which we also checked out. We took a walk along the front and climbed some clock tower to get a reasonable view of what was going on:



more place
On the way back we succumbed to having our first "poutine" (which, by the way, is nothing to write home about) and are currently watching replays of Canada owning Germany at hockey in the Winter Olympics..

Plans for tomorrow: Tim Hortons; maybe Jazz Club but they're waaayyy expensive; finish registering for everything and find an apartment.

Ooooh! Also:
"Fuck you Mister Bitey!"



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